We’re here to help entrepreneurs, startups and mid-sized businesses create high-converting digital experiences in a unique, meaningful way. 

Mobile development
Web development
UX/UI design
Launch strategy
Maintenance & Rescue

Mobile App Development

Our bread and butter – what we pride ourselves on. Whether you’re creating a new social network, improving your e-commerce shop’s user experience, or launching the next generation of international blockchain payments, we can help bring your app idea to life.

iOS Development

Put over a decade of experience to work for you on your iOS app development project. With our expertise in building native, we’ll help you from planning and prototyping to launching your project on the App Store.

Android Development

With its open development platform, Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms in the world, offering developers the flexibility and openness to create mobile apps that can be used on a variety of devices.

Additional services

Web Development

Even as mobile takes the center stage, there’s always going to be a soft spot in our hearts for the worldwide web. Our websites and web applications create an amazing first impression – capturing the viewers attention and holding it long enough to deliver your message. Even though this isn’t a mobile app, you can bet that it will be fully responsive and beautiful on any screen.

UI/UX Design

Our goal at Visualized Technologies is to give you the tools and information to create an exceptional user experience. We study UI and UX best practices and implement them into real-life projects with our clients across the globe, holding ourselves to the highest standards in terms of both product and work quality. Our UI/UX design services will help you understand the possibilities of how your app or website can look and function. We’ll turn your vision into a real concept in the form of a visual mockup and show you what works best.

Maintenance & Rescue

With new operating systems, feature requests and unexpected edge cases, it’s not over once your project is launched. We understand that and will continue to provide world class support or jump in on an existing project to ensure your app’s success. 

Let's get started!

Visualized Technologies is run by a passionate team of developers, designers and marketing professionals. We have over 10 years experience building highly interactive interfaces for mobile, web, and cross platform digital products. Together we’ll bring your idea to life and deliver amazing results.