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Meet Nick Waterhouse 👋

Nick is the driving force behind Visualized Technologies. He’s been passionate about technology since he was 13, neglecting homework to read tech blogs late into the night. After attending university in China, Nick returned home and launched right into mobile, working first as a Product Manager for a fintech company that later sold for $620mm.

January 2018

Nick founded Visualized Technologies. His goal was to correct what was wrong with app development by removing the barriers to getting started with mobile and lifting the veil on process and pricing.
Nick and his team focus on bringing smart, scalable mobile solutions to a wide range of industries, including fintech, food and beverage, ecommerce, and eLearning. They’re also working to bring one of Nick’s passions to life: A unique incubator program designed to take high school students from graduation to workforce readiness in the app development space.

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