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Visualized Technologies leads businesses like yours into the mobile marketplace. Our 4-step development process is a proven method for launching user-friendly apps that drive sales and user engagement.

Your new mobile app in 4 steps


We’re product development pros, so we know to start by working with you on the essentials:

Sure, everyone is going to love your app. But at the get-go, we create a brand ‘voice’ that speaks directly to your best prospects.

Your app is going to do a lot of cool things. Our job is to make sure the app’s design and features maximize the impact to the user.

iOS? Android? Or both? Built-in safeguards for financial transactions or HIPPA regulations? Your budget determines the functions you include in your launch app, and those that will wait till a later date.


Easy to use. Easy on the eyes. Easy to transact. Our designs create an addictive user experience, wedding a distinctive look and feel with savvy navigation.

Color, graphics, copy blocks, videos, calls-to-action – each element is integrated into one impactful look that expresses your brand.

We guide the user from your value statement, to features, to benefits, to action in a smooth, natural flow.


You’ve approved the features and design. Now we work under the hood, providing the programming and testing to bring your app to pre-launch beta status. We cover it in three steps:

The look, the feel and everything that you’re used to when opening up your favorite app

We dive under the hood to build out all of the logic, third party integrations, and databases to keep you app running.

We put all projects through rigorous testing to make sure they launch without a hitch.


After your final review and approval, we help send your app into the stratosphere with a launch strategy consultation.

Once we’re done, we’re not done.

Our post-launch services back you up every step of the way, giving you the tools and support to guarantee your vision is transformed into a killer app.


Track daily active users, customer retention rates, stickiness and many other KPI's to maximize your app's ROI ​


Hosting, new software updates, bugs and more... Confused? No worries, we'll handle it all if you'd rather not 🙂

Our clients say the nicest things

Visualized Technologies is a boutique app management, design and programming firm based in New York City with offices in Europe and the Americas. Our team of app development pros cut its teeth working with dozens of startups, mid-sized companies and established tech multinationals. We value close collaboration, clear communication and seek long-term relationships with our clients.

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